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Labour Lockdown Lowdown: Louise

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

A picture of Louise smiling at the camera
Louise, a SEND campaigner who lives in Creekmoor

We have paused all party campaigning and local meetings and are instead getting involved in supporting our communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to catch up with some of our brilliant members and find out what they've been getting up to recently...

Today, we're catching up with Louise, a SEND Campaigner, who lives in Creekmoor.

What have you found most challenging about the lockdown?

It has been very difficult to communicate with the relevant members of the Children's department at BCP Council for a number of weeks about my child's special educational needs at a crucial time for him.

What have you found positive during the lockdown?

My son and I have got used to using video apps, both for socialising and to access meetings. Phone calls are difficult for him especially, but we've found a new way to communicate with people that doesn't make us feel uncomfortable and it has enabled him to keep in touch with people that matter!

What have you been doing to support others and how have you been inspired?

I've been helping give some ideas for one of BCP's funded parent carer forums (e.g. ideas about remote working in conjunction with other services), so the council have feedback on some of the important things that children with EHCP's can access at this time, and I admin some groups on social media supporting some of the neurodivergent community. Having emotional support at this time is so important!

I have also managed to source remote help for my son for his social and communication needs and growth mindset help through an organisation called "Great Minds Together" who have taken on thousands of DBS checked specialists to help children with SEND during a time when many of them have had essential services cut.

What is the one thing you have learnt and will take away from being in lockdown?

That we're all adaptable to some degree, but that we need to start thinking more creatively about how we look after the world we live in, and each other.

If you could nominate one person or business for being a community hero, who would you nominate and why?

Emma Lang and the Covid 19 support group for Poole, that was started pre-lockdown for vulnerable people self isolating.

What are you most looking forward to once lockdown is over and it is safe to go out?

Being able to stay in because I choose to, getting to see friends and family, and being able to get more involved in fighting for equality!

"Labour Lockdown Lowdown" is a series of catch ups with members, so keep an eye out for future catch ups! If you are interested in being featured, please email hello@poolelabour.org.uk

If you are able to volunteer in our local community during the Covid-19 pandemic, please email volunteer@poolecsg.com or visit www.poolecsg.com

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