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about us

Poole Labour Party has members from all walks of life, backgrounds and ages. Everyone has a role to play and everyone is welcome.

The party is run by an Executive Committee, elected every year at the Annual General Meeting. The current executive committee are listed below, along with an email address if you wish to make contact. Please note, we are currently having intermittent issues with some of the emails, which is currently being fixed. If you do not get a response, please email in the meantime. We also have 2 Labour Councillors in Poole, who sit on BCP Council. Please see below for their details.

Chair: Emma Lang


Secretary: Vacancy

Treasurer: Alan Daniels

Vice Chair (Campaigns & Membership): Jake Ruggier

Women's Officer: Lucy Ryall

Trade Union Liaison Officer: Jim Buchanan

Eqaulities and Diversity Officer: Chris Bourne


Policy Officer: Dan Moore

Youth Officer: Sid Smith

Email TBC

Labour Councillor for Hamworthy: Cllr Peter Cooper

Labour Councillor for Poole Town: Cllr Sue Aitkenhead

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