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Local elections 2023

Your candidates


Poole Labour are proud to have a local, Labour candidate in every ward across Poole in the upcoming Local Elections on Thursday 4 May 2023. 

To find out more about your local candidate, click on their name below or scroll down.

Your candidates are:

Canford Cliffs: Jim Buchanan

Creekmoor: Neil Duncan-Jordan

Hamworthy: Peter Cooper

Oakdale: Alan Daniels

Newtown & Heatherlands: Emma Lang

Parkstone: Darren Taylor

Penn Hill: Jake Ruggier

Poole Town: Sue Aitkenhead

You have multiple votes, use ONE for your Labour Candidate.

Our manifesto


All our candidates are proud to stand on our BCP Labour Manifesto. 

BCP has been dogged by reports of financial mismanagement, cronyism and a lack of transparency. The Council is on the edge of bankruptcy because of a risky financial strategy pushed through by the Conservatives. This mirrors the financial recklessness of the Conservative Government. Nearly five years after the creation of BCP, the council still lacks a strategic plan for the number of staff or buildings it needs to deliver services. In truth, it is a council of chaos. Local residents want their hard-earned council tax to go on services, not big salaries for the friends of councillors. 

Peter cooper - hamworthy


Peter has been a member of the Hamworthy
community for 23 years. He worked as a
Senior Youth Worker in Poole, running the
Turlin Moor Youth Centre for four years.
During his time in Hamworthy, he has been
very active in the community:


  • Working alongside the police in the Safer Neighbourhoods Team


  • Challenging unsuitable building

developments by forming a residents'


  • Removing graffiti and putting up "No Dog Fouling" signs

Peter wants to hear from you!

  • Facebook

sue aitkenhead - poole town


Sue lives and runs her own business as a healthcare professional in Poole Town ward.


She gained 12 years experience as a local councillor before moving to Poole in 2008.


Since then she has given back to the local community as a volunteer, teaching Aikido to local children and playing music for patients at a local hospital.

During the coronavirus lockdown she helped volunteer with the Poole Community Support Group, providing vital help to those self isolating.

emma lang - newtown & Heatherlands


Emma was born in St Mary's Maternity Hospital and has lived in Poole all her life. Emma lives in Newtown & Heatherlands with her husband and son. In her spare time, she enjoys walking her dog around Turner's nursery and visiting the beach.


She works as a Trade Union Official for UNISON representing public service sector workers, with years of experience campaigning for change. 


Emma founded the Poole Covid-19 Community Support Group in March 2020 which supported 150 vulnerable and shielding people per week on average whilst working with local and small businesses. She also founded the Poole School Uniform Bank 2020 events, helping families across Poole access and swap free school uniform.

Three of Emma's pledges for residents of Newtown & Heatherlands include:

  • Use the council’s management of parks, playgrounds and community and leisure centres to support healthy activities and provide green spaces and meeting spaces that are accessible to everyone

  • Use existing regulations to ensure that all new developments guarantee an agreed number of truly affordable homes that are integrated into the local community, providing important local facilities and amenities

  • Launch a new initiative working jointly with communities and the Police to tackle the causes of anti-social behaviour and provide support to those in need

Neil Duncan-Jordan - creekmoor


Neil has lived in Northbrook Road for over 20 years and knows the area well. He works as a trade union official for UNISON, representing nurses, refuse collectors, teaching assistants, care workers and cleaners. He has years of experience speaking up for people who need help and support - something he would do for residents as their local councillor. 


Three of Neil's pledges for the residents of Creekmoor include:

  • Working with the local police and other organisations to address both the causes and impact of anti-social behaviour on local residents

  • Cleaning up the council by putting an end to the financial mismanagement that has seen BCP described as the most corrupt council in the country

  • Ensuring that residents in Poole get their fair share of BCP funding - so that local high streets, beaches and highways can all be regenerated, protected and repaired to make our area a fantastic place to live and work

jake ruggier - penn hill


Jake has lived in the area since he was a pupil at Baden-Powell school. After studying at Bournemouth University, where he was heavily involved in running clubs and student opportunities, he worked as a shop assistant in Lilliput before becoming a software developer for a small company in Poole.


His top 3 pledges:

- Tackle the housing crisis so no-one is priced out of the area they grew up in

- Stand up to the big polluters of our harbour and coastline, from water companies to oil giants

- Ensure our open spaces like Alexandra Park are safe for everyone and free from vandalism

jim buchanan - canford cliffs


Originally from South London, Jim moved to Poole twelve years ago and currently lives on the Poole Road within the Canford Cliffs constituency ward. Jim is a rail worker by trade and an experienced Trade Union representative and negotiator.

Jim's three main commitments to the people of Canford Cliffs are :

  • As a motorist I share residents frustration at the lack of coordination and consultation around roadworks in our area. Labour are committed to minimising disruption to residents.

  • Jim is a keen open water swimmer and really enjoys our fantastic coast. Labour will invest in our award winning beaches to encourage responsible tourism, take action to fine polluters and stop the sewage dumping scandal.

  • Too much of our hard earned money has been wasted by the current council. Labour will ‘open the books’ to audit money wasted on vanity projects. In addition Labour will introduce proper financial controls and put and end to contracts for friends and associates of council members.


This is our community, help Jim to find a better way for your council to serve it. Vote Buchanan May 4th.

alan daniels - oakdale


Alan has lived in Dorset all his life, the last 10 years in Poole. He's driven trucks around Britain for 40 years and now wants to concentrate his efforts in helping the community and his membership of Unite the Union of which he is actively involved endorses this. In his spare time, Alan researches family history and tends his allotment at Fleetsbridge. If elected to the Oakdale ward, Alan pledges to work with the local bus companies to extend subsidised fares for specific vulnerable groups, he will strive to make BCP Council a Zero Carbon Council by 2027 and will work to reintroduce free garden waste collections. 

darren taylor - parkstone

Darren Taylor Headshot.webp

My name is Darren Taylor and I live and work in Poole. I am originally from Manchester but moved to Poole in 1980. I attended school at St Peters, Seldown and Poole Grammar.

I am currently an Employment Law Consultant and support companies who want to adopt more ethical working practices such as “The Living Wage Foundation”, LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Charter, Car Schemes, Disability Confident and Regional Best Employers. I also do pro-bono work for vulnerable local people who cannot afford Employment Law or other Legal advice. 

I have worked in the Energy, Healthcare and Transport Sector and have a clear view on the issues caused by the Tories, and what needs to change.


I am committed to campaigning on Labour’s Local Election Manifesto Key Pledges which really resonate with me in addressing the main problems I see with the BCP Council.

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