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Labour Lockdown Lowdown: Lucy

Picture of Lucy smiling
Lucy, a local teacher who lives in Hamworthy

We have paused all party campaigning and local meetings and are instead getting involved in supporting our communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to catch up with some of our brilliant members and find out what they've been getting up to recently...

Today, we're catching up with Lucy, a local secondary school teacher, who lives in Hamworthy.

What have you found most challenging about lockdown?

Not seeing my grandparents has been a big struggle. Both sides of the family are elderly and have underlying conditions, so not being able to visit has been difficult. Another difficulty, which is a little odd, is the hostility towards teachers online. As a teacher who still works all day (at home), this has been hard to see online, especially with suggestions to go back to school, ignoring the fact that schools are run by adults who might have underlying conditions etc.

What have you found positive during the lockdown?

Slowing down has been really nice. Taking the time to return to old hobbies that I had forgotten about, or try new ones that are quite mindful. Being a teacher, I never stop, even in the holidays I think about school work, but the lockdown has enabled me to control my work day much better.

What have you been doing to support others and how have you been inspired?

I drop a cooked meal to my Grandad and Uncle every Sunday (from a distance) so they can still have something of good nutritional value. I did send round my number to my neighbours early on, but only a few got in touch and it seems most are okay, so that didn’t really take off too much. That came from seeing all the acts of kindness on Instagram and online.

What is the one thing you have learnt and will take away from being in lockdown?

Appreciate your family. It’s odd not being able to see them when you want, and to hug and eat a meal together. So I will take away how precious that time is.

If you could nominate one person or business for being a community hero, who would you nominate and why?

My school – Poole High School. Like most schools, they are still open providing education for those children of key workers. There are people printing packs of work for those who don’t have access to the internet. They are continually thinking of ways to get education to the students and they have produced a huge amount of PPE for the community.

What are you most looking forward to once lockdown is over and it is safe to go out?

I most look forward to finishing my house! We were part way through redoing the house we bought but have had to stop, but once this is over I am excited to get back to it (and spend quality time with my Dad who helps out with the house… well… he basically does it all with my sister whilst I make cups of tea.)

"Labour Lockdown Lowdown" is a series of catch ups with members, so keep an eye out for future catch ups! If you are interested in being featured, please email

If you are able to volunteer in our local community during the Covid-19 pandemic, please email or visit

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