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Poole Labour chooses PPC for 2019 election

Members of Poole Labour Party have selected Sue Aitkenhead (centre) to stand as their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for the forthcoming general election.  Sue lives in Poole and runs her own business ‘Cherry Tree Chiropractic’.  She has been actively involved in the Labour Party since 1991, previously having been the Mayor of Salisbury and also the PPC for Salisbury. 

Sue will be working to improve on Labour’s performance in the 2017 general election, when the Labour vote increased by over 120% and attracted over 10,000 more votes than the Liberal Democrats, putting Labour firmly into second place behind the Conservatives. 

Commenting after her selection, Ms Aitkenhead said: “I’m totally thrilled to be standing for Labour in my hometown of Poole.  Labour are the only party that can defeat the Conservatives, where we are clearly the main opposition.  I will be standing on Labour's progressive and fresh raft of policies which represent genuine hope for ordinary people.  From our Green Industrial Revolution and Green New Deal, which could see local industries revitalised from opportunities in renewable energies, to ensuring workers are treated fairly, by guaranteeing a living wage of £10 per hour for all. As for Brexit, Labour are the only party working to bring our divided country back together by respecting both the 52% and the 48% - Labour will always stand for the interests of the 99% - the many not the few.”

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